PAI Defense can assist your agency in the following services to keep you on track, efficient and compliant with all ATF Rules and Regulations.

In the litigious environment of law enforcement, it is important to ensure the department and its officers are protected. Our services include:

NFA (Class 3 Weapons) Compliance: PAI Defense and assist a department in the proper handling of its Class 3 weapons and keep the guesswork out of their inventory, acquisition, and issue. We can help answer some of the following questions for your department. 

  1. Do you know what is registered with your department with the ATF? Many departments have items missing or long since traded in and no idea that the ATF still has them registered to your department. 
  2. Did you know you need to notify the ATF of Flashbang Deployment and Destruction? We can help you set up a system to keep you compliant. 
  3. Are there any items missing from previous administrations? This is the most common issue we find with agencies. The ATF can hold you accountable for mistakes made by previous administrations if you do not take steps to resolve the issues.

Inventory Management: PAI Defense can assist your agency in developing an inventory system for your firearms, equipment, and gear. This is an important step of knowing what you have and who it is issued to. Our members have extensive experience in creating inventory systems and completing inventories under regular schedules.

Armorer Schedules: We can help create logs that will allow your agency keep track of your firearms maintenance. This can assist to calculating approximate round counts and ensuring firearms are property maintaining at appropriate maintenance intervals. 

Spare Parts Ordering: PAI Defense will also assist your agency in appropriate spare parts ordering and inventories to ensure your equipment is always up and running. Our service extends beyond the sale of firearms!

Arms Room Weapons Storage Solutions: PAI Defense can assist your agency in the purchase and set up of professional arms room storage. We are a proud dealer of Secure it Tactical please see for some ideas on professional firearms storage.