Turn Your Used Duty Equipment and Property Room into Cash!

PAI Defense knows all too well the strain on agency budgets. That is why were are happy to offer a trade-in program on used duty guns and gear, as well as confiscated property, such as firearms and accessories once they are released by the courts. We want to get the value put back into the agency's pocket to assist in the acquisition of firearms and equipment that the agency needs and will use. Traditionally, many departments actually pay to have confiscated guns destroyed. We are changing the way this is done and instead paying YOU to take them off your hands and completing the destruction or salvage on your behalf.

1. Used Duty Weapons and Gear

2. Confiscated Guns and Property

3. Ammunition (factory ammunition)

4. Used Body Armor

5. Used Magazines

6. Used Optics

7. Class III Arms

8. Firearms Parts (if ordered to destroy)

PAI Defense even has a program where firearms traded in to us will not be sold locally to avoid liability to an agency. The other option is that used firearms are sold only to Law Enforcement Officers. We will even take firearms parts to salvage from guns set to be destroyed.

We can take the above trades for a direct purchase or even credit towards a future purchase. Please let us know how we can help! Contact us below and let us know what you would like to trade and set up an appointment.