Our Trade In Program

We will take any Trade!

PAI Defense understands that departments work with limited budgets. We want to help you reach your equipment goals through our trade in program.

We are always looking for used firearms and equipment in the form of trade ins. We will offer generous trade in value for used duty weapons, equipment and property room firearms.

We will also assist in the disposal of Class 3 / NFA Firearms and will destroy if needed. 

We will even pay cash for your used equipment if we don't sell what you are looking for! If we don't offer a specific product that your department needs, we can offer a cash purchase for your used guns and gear in order to get you the funds you need.

Turn your old guns and gear into equipment you can use. Contact us today for a trade in quote!

Duty Weapons and Gear

We can take in your used duty weapons in on trade in order to get you new and updated equipment. We will also offer trade in value for accompanying gear such as magazines, optics, holsters, and ammunition. Don't let anything sit in your armory unused. If you have any firearms or gear that is not being utilized, allow us to help you trade it in towards equipment that your department needs!

Property Room Firearms

Many departments have a property room full of firearms. Once these firearms are released by the courts, departments typically have them destroyed and sometimes have to pay to destroy them. We are changing the way this is done and paying you to take them off your hands. This can happen a couple of ways, depending on your preference. We can take the firearms in from you and destroy them on your behalf, then we will give your department a trade in credit for the value of the remaining parts. Alternatively, if you are looking for more value in the form of trade ins, you can choose not to destroy the firearms and we will take them in on trade as is. 

Firearm Destruction

The destruction of property room firearms or used duty weapons is an option for your department. Many departments choose to have us destroy their used firearms rather than trading in the complete firearm as is. This is typically due to legal restrictions on some machineguns or local policy restrictions. If this is the direction your department would like to go, we can cut up the firearms on your behalf and offer you a trade in value for the salvageable parts once the firearm is destroyed.

Class 3 / NFA

We have extensive experience with the ATF paperwork involved in transferring or destroying regulated items such as silencers, machine guns, or short barreled rifles and shotguns. We can walk you through the process and ensure your guns are transferred in compliance with ATF rules and regulations. We can also assist your department in becoming compliant with ATF restrictions or getting copies of the firearm registration forms needed for transfer.  


We will take in used tasers on trade from departments. The only requirement is that they are functional. We will take the taser on trade, as well as all of the cartridges and batteries you have for them. This is a great way to clean up your unused equipment and get value back in the department's pocket.