We offer the entire line of FN America Law Enforcement and Commercial products for Agency, Commercial and Individual Officer sales. Please contact PAI Defense to see how we can meet your agency’s needs with a FN America the proud holder of numerous Military Contracts for rifles and machineguns. FN America is proud to be the pistol of choice with the LAPD with its FN 509 series of pistols.

FN America is a company with a rich tradition of world renowned quality, customer service and production quality are amazing and law enforcement customers are put first. It is not hard to tell why FN America has been one of the most dominant brands in the Military and Law Enforcement community over a wide range of products.

PAI Defense will be happy to work with your agency on its department’s needs. This is to include setting up Test and Evaluation as well as live fire trials as needed.

PAI Defense will interface directly to ensure your department’s needs are not only met, but exceeded. PAI Defense will ensure that the department’s needs are met and will interface with FN America on your agency purchase. This is to include a full range of products to include Class III NFA firearms (to include select fire) and short barreled rifles and if needed even crew served weapons.

Please talk to PAI Defense about our aggressive trade ins as well. Your agency purchase of a FN America Product may be less cost prohibitive than you think.

We sell much more! If you want to shop all products, go to FN America Law Enforcement website or call us for all options.